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  • neckguard collare di protezione per il collo
    Da: 54.00

    Neckguard neck and throat protection collar Enduro – MTB – Extreme Sport

    https://www.neckguard.itThe NECKGUARD by FORKSAVER® collar protects the neck, trachea and jugular veins which are the most delicate and NOT PROTECTED parts of the body during the practice of our sport. It is made individually with sartorial manufacture using the highest quality materials and innovative technologies. On the outside we use CORDURA® fabric by DUPONT, produced with particularities already tested in military clothing, with unique characteristics of durability, breathability, very high resistance to abrasion, penetration, waterproofing and tear-proof. Inside, we use a particular anti-puncture product made of top quality cowhide split leather, which makes the collar comfortable, breathable and very resistant to punctures. Indispensable in our SAFETY sport outings. How many times in the woods have we worried about running into a KILLER trap, broken branches or brambles that are an additional problem. We now have the right protection for us. Obviously it's not like having nothing around your neck however, like other protections, we can't do without it.Keep your neck out of trouble with the NECKGUARD by FORKSAVER® collarAll images are inserted for illustrative purposes. The products are subject to changes. * All images are inserted for illustrative purposes.
    Da: 54.00
    Da: 54.00